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They still have consequences

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Satoshishi canada goose uk shop 22 points submitted 22 hours ago

canadian goose jacket Sex is supposed to be enjoyable for more than just the man, though. And it understandably difficult to really enjoy yourself if you are worried about possible repercussions.

Canada Goose Outlet IUDs can fail or shift and no longer uk canada goose outlet work properly, hormonal cheap Canada Goose birth control can fail, be ineffective, or if you don know enough about them you can take medicine that counteracts them.

Canada Goose sale There canada goose store is a MASSIVE Canada Goose Outlet stigma against people that get abortions, and not to mention that it PRETTY HARD on the female body. I all for abortions, but it not just a walk in the park, or a magic undo button. Not to mention the hormones from conceiving can Canada Goose sale totally fuck a lady body for weeks to canadian goose jacket months AFTER the abortion.

buy canada goose jacket Even getting fixed has a possibility of your tubes re connecting and having an accidental pregnancy.

canada goose coats on sale I would say that, given all of these things, lady is perhaps justified in being anxious about a possible pregnancy, and buy canada goose jacket she not obligated to be DTF when people try to belittle her anxiety over these things.

canada goose coats Satoshishi 7 points submitted 20 hours ago

canada goose store The comment essentially said „but you can use condoms, get an implant that makes you infertile, and if all else fails u can get an abortion, not canada goose to mention there a small frame of time you can get pregnant anyways. “

It just. Comes across as so Canada Goose Coats On Sale belittleing. Like these are totally canada goose clearance justifiable concerns and aside from a totally incorrect assumption that birth control=infertile, it implied that „oh the risk is so low so just get over it“.

canada goose black friday sale Like. No. These are not get out of jail free cards. They still have consequences. And it infuriating to imply that women should „just get over it“ so that men can fuck them.

buy canada goose jacket cheap Satoshishi 2 points submitted 21 hours ago

Personally, to me, I find that the 2.5D is distracting. It also HIGHLY distracting to me to have a 3D environment but a 2D buy canada goose jacket cheap player. I would suggest either going all the way 3D or having the environment canada goose coats also 2D (see the game Okami, it had 2D assets except for specific things too large for 2D to canada goose homme work, and textured them well enough that it fit.)

canada goose deals That aside, I feel like art direction is less important than game playability. If you are struggling with the design, parse Canada Goose Online it down to as simple as uk canada goose you can and focus on making your game FUN

local hero returns from a quest bloodied and alone. His canada goose black friday sale friends and allies slaughtered on what should have been a simple task to clear out a minor nuisance to the townspeople. Your character watch as the man former admirers turn their back on him in disgust. townspeople offer no great riches or rewards, a few free meals, songs sung of them.

In this you risk making them more complacent though. Unless you ready to jump on them as the high of being adored kicks in and offer them something else. Hopefully in the direction you want them going.

canada goose clearance sale Satoshishi 1 point submitted 3 days ago

Canada Goose online As for the „not sure where else insight comes up“ part; I typically use insight rolls similar to the old skill „sense motive“, but also in a more general way.

I a fairly empathetic person irl so I find it easy Canada Goose online to think that the WAY someone says something and the way they stand or move while they say it is a whole second nuance to a conversation, and I try Canada Goose Jackets to include those details that I think the players would offhandedly notice. I have no problem just outright saying „this guy looks shifty“ without a roll if my player would be able to tell it a shifty dude.

cheap Canada Goose If my players ask me „do I think they lying“ (new players) I usually turn it around and ask them „do you?“

canada goose Which makes insight more useful as a „get s Canada Goose Parka glimpse into this NPCs motivation“ skill, or „try to understand“ skill where they might not have specific knowledge but might get a vibe.

I had players roll insight in a dungeon to try and understand what certain markings mean; to be able to read the desperation in that broken sword jammed into the floor accurately as canada goose coats on sale a „Im here, please help me“ of a defeated adventurer being dragged off. (A ranger might have rolled survival or even gotten for free that it resembled a ranger trail sign for danger in the forest)

canada goose clearance I had players roll insight on a second meeting with monsters, to see that they have glassy eyes and although they were fearful last meeting, they are mindless. (A wizard would have rolled arcana to recognize the symptoms of a charm spell, or to get a glimpse of and recognize the runes of the spell).

Alternately, insight is a great instinct roll. Where a NPC or situation wouldn give off any real issues, but you still get those gut feelings. An insight roll as they step into the curiously clean and empty room to get canada goose factory sale a bad feeling, which would signal the player to look around and possibly see the cheap canada goose uk trap triggers everywhere.

As someone who struggles with depression, and who canada goose uk black friday can be very negative at times canada goose uk outlet because of it, I will also advocate for therapy. It can be tremendously helpful, and you can learn several techniques to change the way you think from it, as well as possibly receive medicine to correct hormonal imbalances that could be causing your depression.

Canada Goose Parka Most cases, depression is a downward spiral. One small negative thing can snowball into a massive undertow that will rip you under all canada goose clearance sale your worst thoughts, and only briefly let you go.

Hiding it is not going to help in the long run. You will be even more exhausted than you are now, as well as resentful of your friends and family.

A therapist will always listen, and give you good advice. I would suggest searching for someone who specializes in depression in your area; if you have health insurance, that would be the place to start looking. Just find your insurance card, call the number on be back, and ask them about therapists in your network.

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