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And I believe one of the most important consequences will be

canada goose coats on sale President Bush Comments on Education Agenda During Media Availability

Canada Goose sale LEON HARRIS, CNN ANCHOR: We canada goose black friday sale want to interrupt because we’re just now getting some tape in from the cheap Canada Goose White Canada Goose Parka House where George W. Bush is making some comments uk canada goose this morning with Dick Cheney at his side. We’re going to go there right now. This tape is just now coming canada goose uk outlet into us.

buy canada goose jacket cheap GEORGE W. BUSH, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: And we’ll agree on things, we won’t agree on things, but we’ll always agree that making sure every child is canadian goose jacket educated is of national importance. It is a major priority.

Canada Goose Outlet There’s a role for the federal government, there’s a role for state government, there’s a role for local governments and part of our discussions and eventual legislation will recognize those roles.

And I’m buy canada goose jacket cheap so honored that the senators came over and members of the House, the leadership that’s going to help carry legislation. I believe the best way for the vice president and I to Canada Goose Outlet help the legislative process is to discuss issues in a frank and open way, and that’s the beginning of a Canada Goose online process here.

canada goose clearance So thank you canada goose uk black friday all for coming. I’m honored you’re here.

QUESTION: Mr. President, Senator McCain yesterday said that he has a canadagooseoutletcoats mandate. Do you agree with him that he has a mandate.

cheap Canada Goose BUSH: I’m going to meet with the senator tomorrow night to discuss issues of concern for him. I suspect one of them might be campaign funding reform. But I’ll canada goose coats on sale let you know how the conversation goes. cheap canada goose uk I’m confident it’s going to be friendly and productive. John and I canada goose are friends. I remember we debated the issue several times. I think buy canada goose jacket you might have been there.

canada goose deals And I think there’s a need to discuss good campaign canada goose store funding reform and we will.

canada goose black friday sale QUESTION: Mr. President, how much of the canada goose coats sticking point for Democrats do you think your school choice or voucher program is? And are you willing to give ground in uk canada goose outlet order to get a broader deal?

Canada Goose Parka BUSH: I think that there is consensus on a couple of things: One, accountability is the cornerstone for reform. And secondly, in order for there to be an accountability system that’s got merit, there has to be a consequence, and that’s what we’re going to discuss.

Representative Miller from the state of California understands that accountability is crucial for success, and so does Boehner, and I hope the senator I haven’t had a chance to speak specifically with Senator Kennedy; I’m about to.

canada goose store But we’ve got a measure and there needs to be flexibility at the local level to make sure that local folks can chart their path to excellence. But in order for an accountability system canada goose factory sale to work, there has to be consequences. And I believe one of the most important consequences will be, after a period of time, giving the schools the time to adjust and districts time to try different things if they’re failing, that parents ought to be given different options.

Canada Goose Jackets If children are Canada Goose sale trapped in schools that will not teach and will not change, there has to be a different consequence. None Canada Goose Jackets of us at the federal government should try to impose a school voucher plan on states and local jurisdictions. That’s not the prerogative of the canada goose uk shop federal government, as far as I’m concerned. But to the extent that the federal government spends money, we ought to expect good results and Canada Goose Online good consequences.

canada goose BUSH: I can’t tell you want a pleasure it is.

HARRIS: This is some tape, as we just said moments ago, that we were just getting in that was being fed into us directly here at CNN. We were expecting President Bush to outline exactly what he’s going to be introducing with his education reform canada goose clearance plan. The details are still to come. However, the emphasis is going to be placed on accountability and consequences. He also you heard him just say a few moments ago that parents ought to be given different options if the schools are not performed up to par.

canada goose clearance sale Let’s check in now with CNN’s Eileen O’Connor. She’s actually been talking with some parents and some students and educators about this sort of thing.


canada goose coats Well, one of the things that President Bush is talking about is expanding funding for charter schools. And that would give parents canada goose clearance sale and students choice; also introducing a voucher program so that if public schools didn’t meet certain testing standards for three years in a row, then the parents would be eligible to have $1,500 in a voucher given to them. They could then take that, use it for tuition, or perhaps use it for tutors or for transportation purposes to another school.

buy canada goose jacket And with me is Frazier O’Leary, who is the English teacher honors English teacher of this 11th grade classroom.

Thanks for joining us, Mr. O’Leary.

FRAZIER O’LEARY, ENGLISH TEACHER, CORDOZO HIGH Canada Goose Coats On Sale SCHOOL: It’s nice being here.

Canada Goose online O’CONNOR: Mr. O’Leary, could I ask you what do you think the voucher program would do? Would that, in fact, give accountability and improve schools?

O’LEARY: I think the voucher system might be a good idea, depending on the planning of it. It seems to me that what they’re talking about, a three year program where they’re going to find out whether the students have reached certain levels, and then they’re going to move them and give them a voucher to go to other places. I don’t know what those other places are. We have charter schools in the city whose standardized scores are no higher or even less than the public schools. And the vouchers, if there’s $1,500, $1,500 is not going to get our students to any of the prestigious private schools in the area. And I don’t know what the voucher would take them to.

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