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This is probably the most ridiculous thing I seen about Mrs

Canada Goose sale Palins kids‘ travel be reimbursed

The Associated Press reports Sarah Palin charged the state of Alaska for some of her children travel expenses since she became governor. (PHOTO CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES)

canada goose coats on sale We learning more and more about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. You know the Republican Vice Presidential candidate who is running on canada goose black friday sale a platform of reform.

First there the investigation into whether Governor Palin abused the power of her office in order to fire the former Public Safety Commissioner of Alaska.

Now we learn the Republican National Committee spent $150,000 canada goose uk black friday on Governor Palin wardrobe, hair and makeup shortly after John McCain named her to be his running mate. This included canada goose store a 75 thousand dollar shopping spree in Minneapolis and more than $4,000 on hair and make up in September alone.

Canada Goose Parka But here the topper. The Associated Press reports Sarah Palin charged the state of buy canada goose jacket cheap Alaska for some of her children travel expenses since she became governor. More than $21,000 worth of airfares and hotels all on the Alaska taxpayers dime. The AP reports Palin altered the expense reports to indicate her children were on business. kids weren even invited to some of these events they were flown too.

canada goose How do you present yourself as any kind of candidate Canada Goose Online of reform when the sleazy practices you employ put you in the same category as every other sleazy, opportunistic politician that Canada Goose Parka has preceded you?

canada goose store Here’s my question to you: Should Sarah Palin reimburse Alaska taxpayers for her kids‘ travel and entertainment expenses?

canada goose deals Interested to know which ones made it on air?

She should repay the taxpayers of Alaska. This kind buy canada goose jacket of behavior is what I expect from entrenched politicians, cheap canada goose uk not a maverick reformer. Many of us moms have to travel for our jobs, but no one I know gets reimbursed for family members who tag along. Even if she did not violate Alaska tax laws, her behavior was highly unethical.

canada goose clearance LaVerne from Los Angeles, California writes:

buy canada goose jacket cheap Yes, Sarah Palin should reimburse the Alaska tax payers for canada goose her family travel expenses. She wants everyone to think that she is just like every day people yet the McCain campaign spends $150,000 on clothes for her and her family. How many everyday people shop at Nieman Marcus and Saks? Then they stage a political stunt by just dropping in to Wal mart to pick up canada goose coats on sale Pampers for her baby.

Canada Goose Jackets Too late. Palin can apologize and reimburse all she wants. We cheap Canada Goose already seen what kind of a she is.

Let me remind you that Gov. Palin informed us with glee that she was someone who would fight against the misuse of government funds by officials. Well, I Canada Goose Coats On Sale like to know how she defines misuse, uk canada goose because clearly she has her own definition for a lot of terms. writes:

canada goose clearance sale I gotta tell you, Jack, this reform she’s claiming got me all confused and worked up. This lady is running around in a frenzy criticizing Obama for tax cuts to the middle class when she’s the first one to spend taxpayers‘ money on her family. How hypocritical is that?

Christine from Edmeston, New York writes:

canada goose coats So she took the money out of the Alaskan taxpayers pockets for her own use. What the problem? Hey, Joe the Plumber, Look! It Sarah Palin showing you what the wealth really means.

How can someone who calls herself a reformer spend $150,000 or so on wardrobe in 2 months? That’s my household income for 4 years. joke. Could she be coming off the bad drugs like the race horse BIG BROWN that caused the horse the tripple crown and making all these mistakes or is this a PATTERN?

buy canada goose jacket Yes! of course she should repay her kids travel costs, if there is empiracle evidence canada goose coats of this and only for the instances where they were not invited to attend for official state business. The most damning thing in this situation is that she later amended these expense reports,which basically confirms she considered them inappropriate

Canada Goose Outlet She has recently had her fingers slapped for ethics violation canada goose uk in the troopergate scandal, and shows absolutely no remorse in both instances. How much longer, is the American public going to put up with her circus act??? This women certainly does not possess the intellectual gravitas to be anything higher than a PTA mom. The world looks on in disbelief

You betcha! Reform starts at home. Just because Palin is not quite as corrupt as the last Alaskan governor doesn mean she canada goose clearance sale should get away with bilking the taxpayers even if it just a mere $21 grand. And while she at it, Palin should return the per diems she was getting while staying at home! If she short on cash, she can always return some of the $75 thousand worth of clothes to Nieman Marcus that the RNC Canada Goose Outlet purchased for her. Man, what an absolute embarrassment she has become. But then again, at least Palin understands the job she running for. Oh yeah, that right, I guess with watching the kids and all, and spending Canada Goose online all that time visiting the America she hasn had the time to read the constitution.

canada goose black friday sale You betcha, Jack. The children are not campaign props, but are canada goose uk outlet being treated that canadian goose jacket way. Sad.

cheap Canada Goose You know, for a while now I have uk canada goose outlet been aware of something that no one has talked about. Which is, IF Palin were a Democrat, Canada Goose Jackets running for VP, who had just given birth, canada goose uk shop and is a mother of 5 kids.

Canada Goose online Then the Republican family values crowd would be demonizing her canada goose clearance for abandoning her children!

The taxpayers of Alaska should Canada Goose sale not have to pay for her children trips. This is probably the most ridiculous thing I seen about Mrs. Palin to date. Furthermore, why aren these children in school? Are they being canada goose factory sale homeschooled or privately tutored? If so, who is paying for that.

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