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I found a different way to be intimate with my photos

Digital Scrapbooking vs Traditional Scrapbooking

buy canada goose jacket cheap Digital vs Paper ScrapbookingI once had an 8 foot table in my basement to scrapbook. It was full of papers, photos, stickers, trimmers, scissors, punches, pens, adhesives, cutters, die cuts, inspirational pamphlets and half empty scrapbooks. My scrapbook table seemed to be Canada Goose Outlet an alter for my canada goose coats on sale forever process.

canada goose store I am an artist who enjoys working directly with materials like papers and photos in traditional scrapbooking. When my children were small, I became a scrapbooking consultant for Creative Memories. I had everything to make tons of scrapbooks and understood buy canada goose jacket cheap the value of using the right paper and inks to prolong heirloom photos.

buy canada goose jacket I even spent at least one weekend away from Canada Goose Coats On Sale my family to attend a ‚crop.‘ A crop is when people go away for a weekend and spend the whole day and night scrapbooking together.

What could be better than traditional scrapbooking?

Slowly, my scrapbooking group of women started to move towards digital canada goose clearance sale scrapbooking. I believed digital scrapbooking could never look as good as traditional scrapbooking. canada goose coats The process seemed to be cold and distant as a computer screen. How can you be more intimate with your memories than corner punching uk canada goose the edges of your photos with your own two canadian goose jacket hands? A computer screen would never allow me to touch, bend or adhere my photos like I can with traditional scrapbooking.

Canada Goose Outlet One day Heather, my friend who originally opened my world Canada Goose Jackets to traditional scrapbooking, educated me on digital scrapbooking. Within in an hour’s time I converted to a new way of making beautiful memories with my photos. I never regretted my decision nor miss scrapbooking the traditional way. I found a different way to be intimate with my photos, because digital scrapbooking allows me to be more creative. I never have to worry canada goose if I will canada goose black friday sale ‚mess up‘ my photo because an image can always be reverted back to the original color Canada Goose Parka and size in digital scrapbooking. This gives me a huge amount of Canada Goose Online creative freedom to do all sorts of experiments with my photos.

Canada Goose online Can easily edit a photo within seconds.

Canada Goose Jackets Photos go through a long process before they can be used for scrapbooking. This includes edit photos on the computer, print photos, purchase photos and then crop photos.

Reuse your photo Canada Goose online over and over again.

To reuse a photo you will need to print canada goose uk black friday duplicates and/or save the original on your computer or disk and reprint them to use again.

Canada Goose sale Photo steps for digital scrapbooking take a digital picture, upload it to the computer, upload to digital scrapbooking software, edit, cheap Canada Goose insert.

Photo steps for traditional scrapbooking take a digital picture, upload photo to the computer, edit, upload to a photo processing center, pay for prints, pick up prints or wait for canada goose uk shop photo prints to be mailed, crop canada goose store photos, insert on the page.

Canada Goose Parka When you do not like the canada goose coat background page, embellishments, or photos you are working on, you can easily swap them out at anytime during the process.

canada goose clearance sale When you do not like the background page, embellishements or photos, it is hard to change them after they are glued down. You usually end up ripping the page when trying to fix something.

canada goose deals You can reuse digital embellishments over and over again.

Once canada goose uk outlet you use a sticker, cardstock or paper, it cannot be reused.

You can purchase and use new embelleshments within seconds at canada goose clearance your computer.

To purchase new embellishments you will need to drive to and from a store during store hours and purchase what you need. Or you will need to order your embellishments and wait for them to arrive.

canada goose black friday sale Never again will you design a beautiful page only to find a mispelled word ruining all your hard work.

Working with permanent ink and having a spelling error can be devestating when you worked hours on a page. If you cheap canada goose uk spell the word wrong it can be a waste of time and resources if you choose to do it over again.

Word Art with digital scrapbooking you can change words, fonts and whole sentances as much as you want until you are satisfied. You can also make words and senetances into shapes, spirals, growing etc.

cheap Canada Goose Word Art takes much more time in traditional scrapbooking. If you are using stickers, you can run out of an important letter like ‚e‘ and have to buy another alaphebet to just get the one letter you need.

You Canada Goose sale can instantly change the color and fonts of your words. You can also make them opaque or bold canada goose factory sale with one click.

canada goose You are limited to the colors available in ink pens. Ink pens need to be relplaced when they run out.

What buy canada goose jacket Now?You may be wondering what to do with all your scrapbooking supplies if you switch to digital scrapbooking. Here are some suggestions.

Ebay (How To Sell on Ebay) (You do not have to sell each supply individually. You can create a ‚lot,‘ selling a collection at a time or all your supplies in one big auction.)

canada goose coats on sale Return (How to Return Anything for a Refund) Some stores will allow you to return unopened supplies even if you do not have the receipt. You may get store credit, but surely as a craft artist you can find something to spend it on.)

canada goose clearance Donate (Donating: How To Donate Scrapbook Supplies To Charity.) Schools, church groups, a uk canada goose outlet young girl would all be blessed with your donated supplies.)

canada goose coats Keep (Keep some of your supplies, you can always finish some of your traditional books, or make other crafts with your supplies.).

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